• Silo-bulk transport is the core of our business and we do it now for over 17 years. With our modern fleet we manage to fulfil the transport needs for all our respectable customers all over Europe. 
  • Silo-bulk transport is the best modern and efficient way of delivering dry goods in high volumes, clean, fast and contamination free. The operating of a silo-trailer is a complex process and is performed only by qualified personal.

Why choose us ?

We Are Creative & Professional

  • We are one of the first company in silo-bulk-transport in Romania with the skills to manage, understand and enhance the complete process of bulk deliveries. 

We are always improving

  • Our efforts are focused to find the optimal solution for a well done delivery.

Quality Commitment

  • There is no future without quality in our services, that is way we constant invest in equipment, softwares and develop our own solutions so that each client receives the best services from our company.

The largest Fleet

  • We posses the finest and largest fleet of silo-trucks in Romania.
  • 81 silo-trucks


All our services focus on assuring the customers solutions for their transport need. 

If you want a SILO ( You got it ) ! 

  • 35-40 cbm silotrailer for construction materials
  • 47-50 cbm for animal feed
  • 60 cbm silotrailer for petrochemicals and granules
  • In  2020 – Silo-storage facility will be available for our customers

If you want SILO ( you got it) !